Ardengo Soffici (Rignano sull'Arno, 7 April 1879 - Vittoria Apuana, 19 August 1964) was an Italian painter, writer, poet and essayist. His studies, directed towards art and only marginally towards literature, were soon interrupted and he soon had to look for a job at the office of a Florentine lawyer. His contacts with a small group of young artists who moved around the Academy of Arts and the School of Nude where Giovanni Fattori and Telemaco Signorini were teachers date back to this period.
Soffici, more than a real futurist, can be considered, as Pier Vincenzo Mengaldo says in his essay, "an Italian Apollinaire in reduced size". In fact, he was linked to recent poetics for the sake of stylistic modernity as was customary in Paris. From Marinetti he grasps the rhetoric and the technique of analogy, from Apollinaire the absence of punctuation, from the cubo-futurist painting the fantastic combinations and from the new cinema the continuous flow of images [17]. Soffici uses with extreme ease a strong plurilingualism, which goes from Tuscan to French, creating the lexical equivalent of his poetics. A poetics that can be called spatial and temporal simultaneity