Renato Di Bosso (Verona, 19 September 1905 - Negrar, 19 December 1982) was an Italian sculptor and painter.

Artist also known by the stage name of Renato Di Bosso, Renato Righetti was born into a family of wood sculptors (his father Silvio and uncle Emilio), studied at the Napoleone Nani decorative art school in Verona and graduated in 1925 at the Cignaroli Academy of the same city.

The following year he exhibited in Cuneo with works that are still affected by the real style of nineteenth-century memory. His artistic turn took place at the end of the 1920s thanks to Boccioni's book Futurist painting and sculpture.

In 1929 he participated in the permanent art exhibition in Verona, the following year at the Milan Triennale.
In 1931 he founded the Veronese futurist group. It is around these years that, following Marinetti's advice, he assumes the pseudonym Di Bosso, from the quality of the wood he prefers to make his sculptures.