innsbruck, March 23, 1894 - Rome, June 22, 1965) was an Italian painter and engraver.

Student of Luigi Comel at the Royal Elizabethan School of Rovereto, he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he came into contact with the artists of Ca 'Pesaro.  He moved to Florence in 1915, joined the futurism and frequented the group of artists of the cafe Le Giubbe Rosse, also collaborating with the magazines L'Italia futurista and Roma futurista. 
In the early 1920s he stayed in central Europe, where he experimented with works of the Dadaist and abstract art style.  He then settled in Rome where he devoted himself mainly to landscape engraving and painting. 

In the 1930s he made a new trip to Europe by participating in numerous international exhibitions. After a brief return to futurism that culminates in his participation in the XIX Venice Biennale and in the Filippo Tommaso Marinetti air-painting exhibition of 1934, he settled permanently in Rovereto where he made engravings and frescoes.