Vittorio Corona (Palermo, January 1, 1901 - Rome, October 5, 1966) was an Italian painter.His artistic adventure began in Palermo at the end of the 10s, under the guidance of the painter Giovanni Varvaro. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, obtaining the qualification to teach drawing, but soon he detached himself from the environment of the academy to make contact with the Futurists. Between the late 1920s and early 1930s he became one of the best known painters of the "Second Futurism", affirming his original personality in works highly appreciated by F.T. Marinetti and Giacomo Balla.

In the mid-1930s he was forced for family needs to leave Palermo and accept teaching assignments around Italy, finally settling in Rome in 1956. During this period, while isolating himself from the official artistic circuits, he continued to work intensely, both dedicating himself to the reconstruction and reworking of futurist works dispersed during the bombing of Palermo, and creating a remarkable series of new oil paintings, tempera paintings, watercolors and drawings.