Karl Appel

Karl Appel - Biography

He was born in Amsterdam in 1921 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts.
In 1948 he founded the Reflex group together with other artists such as Nieuwenhuys Anton Constant and Van Beverloo Guillaume Cornelis - Corneille, they would form the nucleus of the Cobra group also founded by Appel in the same year.
In 1950 he was in Paris where he met Michel Tapié a well-known art critic of the time. In the following years he exhibited his works in Paris in Brussels and in 1957 in his Amsterdam at the Stedelijk Museum.
He spent the 1960s at the Molesmes chateau near Auxerre where he worked on many works and established an artists' studio.
In 72 he sells his chateau and works between Paris and New York. Exhibitions in Sweden, Spain, Japan, France.
In the following years he continues to work on his oeuvre, which includes paintings, frescoes, prints, sculptures and also a play Peut-on danser le paysage where Appel edits script and set design.
He died in Zurich in May 2006.