luigi veronesi

luigi veronesi - Biography

Born in Milan in 1908 he began his artistic experience by attending a course for textile designer and becoming interested in photography. Gradually his pictorial research abandoned the figurative framework of his early works, veering more and more toward geometric abstractionism: in 1932 during a stay in Paris Veronesi befriended Fernard Leger and delved into Russian and Dutch constructivism. In 1934 he joined the Parisian group Astraction - Création and became interested in both film and theater, creating a total of six experimental films. During the war he put his knowledge of graphic design to use in the service of the National Liberation Movement (as, moreover, did the painter Carla Badiali) in making false identity documents. After the war, Veronesi's interests expanded to music as well: in fact, he sought to transform the mathematical relationships between musical notes into tonal relationships between colors in such a way as to realize a dual reality of the work of art. For such research on chromatic perception and music he was called to teach in the chair of Chromatology and Composition at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts