Franco Angeli was born in Rome in 1935, did not attend regular art studies but began painting in 1957, came into contact with the sculptor Edgardo Mannucci, a friend of Alberto Burri. Angeli was deeply fascinated by the latter's work. In March 1959, with Tano Festa and Giuseppe Uncini, he made his debut in Rome at the Galleria La Salita by Gian Tomaso Liverani. He inaugurated his first solo exhibition in January 1960. In 1963 he exhibited in the collective 13 painters in Rome in the La Tartaruga gallery with a poem by Nanni Balestrini. In 1978 he took part in the Venice Biennale curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and in the 80s he devoted himself more to figuration. He approached abstract-material art, experimenting with various techniques and materials in a research aimed at overcoming the informal. Angeli died in Rome on November 12, 1988.