Gianluca Miniaci was born on March 29 in Milan.
From what he remembers he plays with color since he was a child, then the adolescent passions for theater and music.
He studies acting and among the different pieces in which he takes part we remember "six characters in search of an author" with the direction of Franco Zeffirelli.
In London he founded his first rock band where he performed as a songwriter.
He moved to the United States living between Los Angeles and New York where he discovered street art.
Thus he leaves his mark through writing by telling his poems, on the streets of the metropolises he passes through
Back in Italy he enrolled in the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, starting to paint.
All this before turning twenty.
Since 2001 he has worked with galleries and museums in a series of international events, such as those at the Grand Palais in Paris, the Stelline Foundation in Milan or the Museum and University of Hong Kong, which will lead him to assert his personal and recognizable style.
In 2013 he was chosen to participate in Back2Back to Biennale-Free Expression, the official collateral event of the 55 Venice Biennale.
The artist represents adolescence, that period of time full of lights and shadows, the first sexual disturbances, great emotions, love, the discovery of one's body and the perception of the male and female.
Its language has that sensual, naive and perturbing at the same time, both when it comes to young beards and lolites next door, and when it gets lost in its gardens, in its enchanting woods, full of nostalgia.