Bianca Pedace Giuliano Giuman was born in Perugia, in the house-tower of Via della Viola, at the time residence of the painter Ulisse Ribustini, on February 13, 1944. After the first musical training he started his profession as a concert artist, becoming passionate about jazz and contemporary music . Since 1964, following the casual participation in an impromptu painting, he discovers his deepest vocation and, after a short period of coexistence of the two arts, he leaves music for the visual arts. It is therefore formed in the atelier of Gerardo Dottori, learning from the futurist master the rudiments of the trade, the avant-garde approach and the speculative figure. Later, after leaving Umbria, she turns her steps first to Rome, then especially to Bologna and Milan. In 1972 he inaugurated a cycle in the shadows, initially conducted with pictorial means, to which installations, performances and photographs were soon added. Since 1976, however, he has undertaken the practice of video, collaborating on several occasions with the Video Center of Ferrara. The acumen and the significance of those proposals was immediately reflected by the interest of critics among the most important at an international level, from Crispolti to Dorfles to Barilli to Loda to Bentivoglio and many others, and the collaboration with the most important research galleries advanced. The presence in important group exhibitions, including international ones, has been spaced, since 1969, with significant solo shows in the same period.