Sabrina Ravanelli was born in Trento, completed her artistic studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Milan.

Sabrina Ravanelli's work focuses on the research of the subject, capable of expressing the archetypal states of the soul.
There is an "ancient being", a primordial principle that inhabits us and that draws forms from the chaos and creates them incessantly. In search of this principle the artist's work is inspired, which is entirely dedicated to the world of origins, to that inexhaustible Source from which the alchemies of life spring. The states of the soul are chaotic energies, archaic atmospheres, color, vitality that explodes, waves of the unconscious sea that overwhelm us, impel us until we meet the order of the Center, the plot of the Core from which everything originates. The original Source is first and foremost of all nature: and here are the material passages of Sabrina, which are sometimes skies, water, fire, sand, deserts. Landscapes that allude to Internal Images that, like dreams, run through our unconscious. From the matter to the consciousness at the bottom the step is short.