Born in Mestre in 1924, in 1972 she was invited to the Venice Biennale "Arte Industria".

It is also present in the collective Sincron of Brescia chaired by Bruno Munari e

participates in the foundation of Donnarte in Rome. In 1978 she was a founding partner in Mestre

of the Verification 8 + 1 center, together with artists such as Aldo Boschin, Franco Costalonga,

Nadia Costantini and Nino Ovan. From 14 January 2016 the artist takes part in the

collective "The Sharper Perception, Kinetic Art, Optical and Beyond" at the GR

New York Gallery, alongside Biasi, Bonalumi, Munari, Simeti and Vaserely. IS

disappeared in December 2016.