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120 cm x 165 cm
Collage on wood with Titanic related objects
which existed on RMS Titanic all produced prior to 1912
In a hand-built metal frame with ship ropes.

This artwork is like a mini RMS Titanic museum. Contains a collection of

original items relating to the Titanic made before 1912 and are identical to those in the Museum

of the Titanic. But not those who fell with the ocean liner. Ancient objects include

a first class antique table with Titanic Menu, Titanic ticket, photo album,

photographs, handwritten letter, broken guitar, bottles, electric lamp, spoon

large kitchen, military wooden case for Swedish games, handmade tablecloth, racer,

rope and lifeboat equipment, a small ship clock from the third

deck and a sheet of sheet music for the song played as the boat descended, Nearer my

God to thee.