Vanna Nicolotti
Born in Novara in 1929, she lives in Milan and Rapallo (GE). He attended the Liceo Artistico and Accademia di Brera under the guidance of Achille Funi and Mauro Reggiani.
Since 1959 he has been part of D’Ars in Milan. He made his debut in 1960 with two multi-material panels for the Music Library of the “G. Verdi ”of Milan and collaborates in the preparation of the adjacent New Historical Museum.
After his first solo exhibition in Milan in 1963 he began the three-dimensional research in the area of ​​the new spatial reality of Lucio Fontana exposing the first examples in London in 1964, in Milan, in Lecco and in Como. It then comes to real reliefs of carved and painted canvas, overlapping several layers on a metallic, specular or anodized background. Works attributable to that "sensitive geometry" theorized by the Brazilian critic Roberto Pontual (series of "mandalas" and "doors"). From 1976 he was part of the Movement of Art / Genetics founded in Lecce by F.S. Dodaro and since 1979 has participated in various operations of Postal Art. In 1978, leaving the three-dimensional works, he introduced the word and in 1982 the numbers, in relief characters arranged on the plane of the canvas intended as a page.