Lorenzo Terraneo, from Milan (Italy) class 67, works in the world of communication and web marketing and is a journalist enrolled in the Register. In 2010, he joined the strong passion for the sea and diving with the one for photography that always accompanied him since his first analog SLR Nikon.
Passionate about marine and terrestrial biology, he is always looking in his photos to recreate the magical meeting between the wonders of nature and human emotions aroused by unusual shapes and colors. Therefore, not naturalistic photos in the strict sense, but moments of artistic beauty (nature art) according to the human canon, which nature expresses incessantly.
Over the past five years he has pursued a personal project addressing the dramatic and urgent issues concerning our oceans and seas (overfishing, pollution, microplastics, by-catch, etc...). By participating in photo exhibits, competitions, and conferences, he has been working towards raising awareness through pictures that are "aesthetically pleasing" but at the same time carriers of an important conservation message.
He prefers his own sea, the marvelous Mediterranean Sea, as a set. From 2019 he is Ikelite underwater equipement Ambassador Worldwide.