Pino Settanni was born in Grottaglie (Taranto) on March 21, 1949. He has been a photographer since 1966 and has been a professional since 1973, the year in which he moved to Rome, the city where he lives and works. In his studio in Via Ripetta 226 he portrayed some of the most important figures from the world of culture and entertainment such as Moravia, Fellini, Mastroianni, Baj, Wertmuller, Benigni, Troisi, Morricone, Leone, Manzù, Bolognini, Cucchi. These are just some of the 77 characters that have accepted to be photographed by Pino Settanni and this amazing collection of portraits was exhibited at the Rondanini gallery and published in 1989. Countless exhibitions have presented his works in the world since 1975. In 1978 he met Renato Guttuso and proposed that he reinterpret Sicily in black and white in the Sicily he had been inspired by for his paintings. The painter accepts and raises: invites Settanni to become his assistant and personal photographer. In 1986 he participated in the Mouà della Foto in Paris, where he remained for a year. Returning to Rome, he rents and transforms a concierge in Via Ripetta into a shooting room. The photograph of Settanni is absolutely personal and the poetics of his creativity is a classic example of the emotional complicity of portraiture.