He lives in Friuli, architect and artist. From a very young age he was attracted to practice, art and art history. After practicing the paths of the figurative, he discovers that what he is doing is no longer working, he is unable to translate the emotion into form and color, he has an urgent need to reconsider the alphabet of colors and shapes and the way to represent them. In a crisis of references and values, he discovers that matter, the instinctive gesture, the absorption of SHAPE in color, the materialization of sensations, the discovery of a new language, manage to calm the tensions accumulated in "practice". The abstraction is not distorted but manages to reinvent a new vocabulary in which those forms, scratches, signs, accumulations of matter and color, manage to revive the most intimate needs, the imagination frees itself from the chains of the usual and the already seen; it is not a question of erasing reality, but of reinventing it, of replacing the "real" reality with a redefined, renewed reality, a new alphabet, a new reading code, sometimes difficult, hermetic, intimate, but which proposes
always a reflection, a question or simply a new emotion and a new answer.
Poor matter, derived from the construction site's humble materials: sand, cement, plaster, glue, plaster, as a union between representation and context; material that in its three-dimensionality seems to cling to reality, not an absent spectator but a founding part of a mysterious and wonderful game, a continuous and compelling search for the new possible. of his work.