For James Rosenquist, biography and passion for art were intertwined right from the start. Born in 1933 in Grand Folks, Dakota in the United States, he enrolled at the Minneapolis School of Art and then at the University of Minnesota. In his early twenties, after moving to New York, he attended courses at the Art Student League and worked in the advertising field.

The experience in the world of advertising is reflected in James Rosenquist's paintings, large-format works, with simplified images and a specific sense of color. Having successfully entered the world of Pop Art, James Rosenquist participated towards the end of the 1960s in the research of Op Art, an abstract art movement that studied how to cause optical illusions through measured combinations of abstract subjects, as well as exploiting the properties of colors.

Beginning in the 1970s, in the works of James Rosenquist Pop Art and principles of Op Art merged, giving life to original compositions created by assembling finely compressed painting-montages. In 1995, the artist devoted himself to New Paper Constructions, a series of constructions on paper. In more recent years, James Rosenquist privileged works closer to abstraction, similar to those of the painter Noland. The artist died in 2017.