Riccardo Gusmaroli, parallel frequencies

I love to think that art is the result of a continuous vortex of emotions, strictly related to the specificity of each one and therefore free to follow a different path from person to person.
In the same way, Gusmaroli tries to shape the art of the present and the past according to his personality, manipulating the static nature of the canvas with swirls and holes, sometimes painted or more often identified by the three-dimensionality of the paper boats and by the extrusions made directly on the support.
Its vortices are elements that seem to originate from the canvas itself despite interrupting its stillness without reaching the exasperation of the dynamism of bomberg and the Futursti: their function is to catalyze attention, inducing the observer to let himself be carried away by the contemplative flavor of meditation, redefining known boundaries and moving them to a dimension more open to the imagination.
The vortices, moving to lick our certainties like tentacles, invite us to leave fantasy, invention and irony in our life.