Anna Maria Tulli - Grani di Vita

Grains of Life”: the uniqueness in the multiplicity, the cohesion, the individualities that add up to create a complete whole in itself. The pomegranate fruit is a symbol of integration, fertility and even brotherhood. Each of its grains spreads vital pulsations. The grain, individually portrayed, takes on an unusual appearance: a container of light filtered by the red of its pulp. An object that claims its subjectivity released, for once, from the whole.
I called one of my works and a series of photographs I took (and will continue to take) of a fruit: the Pomegranate, “Grains of Life”. In portraying the grains of this fruit, with the macro technique, I suddenly realized that a dot of light emerged from one of them. I look and regard the photo of that “wheat”, I find a clue that speaks to me and I accept the challenge of the pomegranate grain. Inside, enlarged countless times, there is a beating heart: Life and its mystery. Here I stop, transform and pay homage to the inexplicable but tangible life of a human embryo. An invitation also not to cross the boundaries of ethics and not to manipulate that dot of light, vibrant with life.
anna maria tulli