Inside matter, the matter inside.Pierluigi Delutti

The most recent expressive season of Pierluigi de Lutti is
often characterised by broad backgrounds, with abundant
matter and luxuriant colours, as usual.
Today, however, the evident peculiarity one can immediately
notice is the essential character of the composition: populated
with substantial structures, and emblematic up to the latest
narrative significance.
This time, by adopting two eloquent colours in terms of
philosophy – red and black, that is, Eros (Life) and Thanatos
(Death) - De Lutti also includes autobiographical references,
to be found in some empathetic pauses, livid lacerations, as
well as sudden breaks, emphasized by feverish temperatures,
with emotional origin, and widespread existential moods.
The result of this original gesture is tonic, instinctive, full of
attentions and meditations hovering over the most significant
art lessons produced in the last seventy years, both in Europe
and the rest of the world. De Lutti’s reflections, scanned at
intervals, are now emerging without any kind of epigonism or
derivative stylistic involvement.
Finally, the current, engaging cycle of his long and thorough
research in the fascinating, but impervious lands of the
informal impresses us for the subtle sobriety of the dough: a
sign of artistic maturity definitely reached.
The work of this - by nature and by choice -isolated and lonely
artist is one of the most interesting in contemporary painting.
Giovanni Faccenda