Man Ray was an American painter, surrealist photographer and graphic artist, exponent of Dadaism. Man Ray's artistic career seems to be marked by a magical attempt to capture the essence of reality once the inadequacy of the illustration has been ascertained.
In particular, it is in the Paris-New York-Paris axis that the significant trajectory of Man Ray is determined, a disenchanted evader of consolidated artistic languages ​​in the company of Marcel Duchamp, explorer of means to produce images that, starting from the origin and physiognomy of the subject, they maintain the common cost of transforming the very nature of things. Because "what" is the instrument that is used (surface and color, sensitive paper and dark room, real object) but just as much "thing" is the reference figure used as a pretext, as a "tool" and finally as a "name", as linguistic expression that constitutes the further aspect of the perception of knowing.
The name and the thing are the homogeneous terms that Man Ray uses in capturing the experience to report.
The subject's desire for imprisonment is relevant, his artistic action is accomplished in bringing a new dimension, the two-dimensional one of photographic film.
In 1981 the Galleria Arte Cnetro, during a series of exhibitions concerning the artistic current of Dadaism, made a personal exhibition of Man Ray with a catalog, where there were both unique and multiple pieces.