Daniel Spoerri, born on March 27, 1930, owes his fame as an artist above all to the so-called "Trap Pictures" ("Fallenbildern", created starting from the 1960s). His career began as a dancer in Bern in the 1950s. Later he made a name for himself as a restaurateur (1970s) and as the founder of Eat Art (see the Eat Art Gallery in Düsseldorf and its numerous stalls).
In the 90s he created a large sculpture park, which since 1997 has become a foundation.
Seven muses, seven women placed on a natural altar await the visitor: Grazierinnen jokingly calls them Spoerri, playing on the double meaning, girls from Graz or little Graces-muses. The stylized busts recall the surrealist mannequins and the Dada movement, but Spoerri re-proposes the subject with a new elegance. It is no coincidence that the artist is considered the most surrealist among the artists adhering to the Nouveau Réalisme. The association with Duchamp is inevitable but, even in this case, it is a reinterpretation of certain principles: a beyond-Duchamp. The charm of the works is accentuated by the surrounding nature: by the curtain of broom that projects its intense and fragrant yellow against the green patinas of the bronzes at the end of spring.
The work is from 1992, composed of 7 elements, measuring approximately 180 x 35 cm each, installation as a whole measuring approximately 5 x 8 m and the material is bronze.
The work is available at our gallery.