Balla and the frame: a combination always present in the life of an artist but almost never studied or analyzed. Continuing to see paintings on paintings by Balla I realized that painting does not remain limited to the canvas or sheet of paper but continues outside to become an integral, living part of our life. It almost seems that Balla - framing his painting - does not want to close it in a kind of rectangular box but to let it live on our walls, in our daily life even 100 years later, even 1000 years later. "... if the hundredth is the principle of the million, and the millimeter of the kilometer, even the slightest futurist attempts can be the principle of the new future art. And with this, with an indestructible superstrafede, to see us again in a few centuries ”, wrote Giacomo Balla in 19271.
Often the painting, or the drawing of the image of the work, emerges from the work itself and reaches the frame itself. It almost seems that canvas or paper is no longer enough to represent the painter's state of mind, it almost seems that it becomes necessary, I would say fundamental, to go beyond the static boundary of the pictorial perimeters to create - completely - the work of art. Let's read, together, what the friend-pupil Umberto Boccioni writes: "To make the show live in the center of the picture according to the expression of our manifesto, the picture must be the synthesis of what you remember and what you see . It is necessary to make the invisible that moves and lives beyond the thicknesses, what we have on the right, left and behind us, and not the small picture of life artificially enclosed between the scenarios of a theater "2.
Leafing through the pictorial album of this little Turin magician - who arrived in Rome to make his fortune in 1895 - you will find many works hanging on the walls with their frames. It is Balla himself who has himself photographed in his home in via Oslavia with a frame that frames his face: a self-portrait in the portrait, to be and not to be.