Avalle's work stands out at first glance for the technological complexity and the experimental quality of the creative process. This could lead us to think that it is all resolved in a technological art of pure effects which, moreover, tends, as its point of arrival, to assume science and technology as the privileged object of its representation. key of Avalle's work is misleading because he exchanges the technical procedure with the artistic purpose which is preponderant and subordinates to himself the memento of the scientific artisanal technicalities. meditation on the recent history of figurative art and the avant-garde in particular. The artist's entire work is grouped into four fundamental themes: man, the labyrinth, science and the microcosm. The use of plexiglass should be considered in Avalle as a development of specular reflection. crosses the work of Avalle and constitutes both the polysemic matrix and the essence of the formal problem, that is to say the exploration of new possibilities of representation of space and time, at the height of our current cosmological experience. a new space-time dimension reconstitutes the globality character of the artistic experience fully restored to its representative function of things and men.