franco angeli, cursed artist

Franco Angeli, a Roman artist who in the early 1960s, just over 20 years old, gave life together with Tano Festa, Mario Schifano, Renato Mambor and many others at the school in Piazza del Popolo. It was one of the most important cultural confrontations that still requires today attention.
Franco Angeli, was one of the most important protagonists of this cultural and philosophical struggle that has fascinated and still holds a record, the attribution of being among the cursed artists.
The discovery of painting represents a catharsis for him: When a person has a profound malaise - he will say in one of the interviews - he must look for a way to no longer be alone, he must ultimately find an interest that accompanies him for life.
Franco Angeli's “rebel painting” is also nourished by other suggestions besides that of political and social criticism. The ruins, the tombstones, the obelisks and the statues of Roman eagles and wolves covered with veils or the hammer and sickle, the obsessively repeated flags or swastikas naturally also tell the link with the city to which it owes its birth, Rome.
In one of his notebooks Franco Angeli writes that "we must love everything that has happened, but also its opposite". An invitation that is not very difficult to understand, which highlights even more how the Angels' rebellion is not a sign of rupture, but is actually the artist's attempt to reconcile with life. The works of Franco Angeli, especially those dedicated to violence and war, are therefore also the expression of the firm will not to give up, transforming themselves into a message of peace and hope that goes beyond the clamor of the processions and the pacifist craving typical of early 70s.