This phrase is the key to my entire artistic career, it suggests why I abandoned music to embrace painting. I played as a professional and I stopped to devote myself to artistic research, I used all the innovations of the avant-garde: from photography to video, from installation to performance. still as a guiding thread. For painting, I have to thank Gerardo Dottori who, in addition to teaching me the "trade", as he used to tell me, encouraged me to travel to get to know and interact with artists and critics outside Umbria, which I have been doing since the early 1970s. I am still proud of that choice, very hard and courageous. Living by art alone is not easy if you do not choose the commercial route, but it becomes a school and a model of rigor. My forty-year journey can be divided into three cycles. The first is the shadow theme: it lasts about ten years and is carried out in various research expressions. The second is the theme of music: that is, the study of the relationship between sound and image, acoustics and light, vibration and sign. The third starts from the mid-1980s, not from a theme but, by chance, from the choice of support, glass, which motivates the challenge of seeking absolute transparency.
An all-encompassing research, both as regards the aesthetic and the technical side. A figure who represents himself in music
superimposing the composer on the performer. Now after many years of years of artistic experience, dedicated to transparency and
in the light, I am working on its opposite: the dark. I work on an event that tries to explain the mysterious attraction towards
darkness that has always fascinated men. Thus the key phrase of my artistic journey returns: silence is not the antithesis of
sound, darkness is not the antithesis of light. Silence is musical, darkness is bright.