Lattuada Galllery is pleased to announce a new exhibition dedicated to Mario Nanni, with a selection of works on wood and paper from 1958 to 1982.
Mario Nanni replaces the canvases with topographical maps, and the painting is spread over the park, the neighborhood, the big cities, an interaction of red and black fields, schematized to border an urban "zone" of the underlying plant, almost to guide the " paths of attention ”on the image. Mario Nanni has claimed for himself a concrete space and through decisive violence has inhabited it with his gears of the imaginary. The artist also has a close relationship with informal painting and this is particularly evident in Nanni's bronze, titled Nuclei, which is from 1957. At that time Nanni tried almost painfully to give meaning to the organic formation of those material nuclei, which they coagulated on the plane in an unpredictable way, but always along the lines of the thick castings of the colors in the paintings. It shows us immediately dominated by the elements more intrinsically linked to "seeing", to a type of relationship with the world that passes first of all through the ways of optics, rather than that of touch and sensory identification.

Exhibition times
-from Tuesday 26 May 2020 from 15:30 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday
- Saturday by appointment only

You will find the virtual exhibition in the home of our site

Attached catalog of the Mario Nanni exhibition.

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