"CENTIMETRO X CENTIMETRO" is the exhibition that Lattuada Gallery hosts in its premises in Via Senato 15 in Milan until November 30th. It is a summary of the twenty-three years of "interpreted photography" by the artist Anna Maria Tulli. The title of the exhibition refers to the meticulous and very long work of probing reality through the photographic lens that the artist has been carrying out for many years. Unusual works, of absolutely original conception and technique, each the result of months and months of work, if not years.
From the filtered light of the pulp of pomegranate grains (“Grains of Life” series) to the violent marks that lightning leaves in the olive trees, transforming them almost into mythological figures (“I Fulminati” series); from unexpected images of faces and animals made up of dozens of tiles extrapolated from metropolitan walls disfigured by time ("Muri Animati" series), to the superimposition of works of art and celestial bodies on different levels and materials ("Le Costellazioni" series) .
The exhibition also includes an extract from the "Boxes of Memory" series, a moving tribute to the children victims of the Shoah that will be exhibited at the Polo Museum of the 1900s in Turin on the occasion of the Memorial Day in 2022 and subsequently in various Italian cities.