Ernesto Michahelles (Florence, 21 August 1893 - Marina di Pietrasanta, 29 April 1959) was an Italian artist. Known by the stage name of Thayaht, Ernesto Michahelles was a sculptor, painter, photographer, designer, architect, inventor and goldsmith. He was an extremely eclectic and innovative artist, a forerunner of new sensibilities: his work stands out for its synthetic lines and forms, which through a precise geometry express an exquisite elegance.
It was Tommaso Marinetti who enlisted him in Futurism, together with his brother Ruggero Alfredo Michahelles, stage name Ram. He also worked in the field of fashion following the meeting, which took place in Paris in 1918, with Madeleine Vionnet for which he designed garments with color combinations and geometric combinations that were innovative for the time. He is the inventor, in 1919, with his brother Ram, of the Tuta.