LUCE BALLA - Biography

Giacomo Balla's eldest daughter was born Lucia and only with the emergence of futurism will she become Light. Like her sister Elica, she does not attend school, but receives private tutors at home. He starts sewing and embroidering from the age of twelve and will continue throughout his life. Once the hope that Giacomo had of marrying her at Marinetti, the subsequent encounters are discouraged and his existence will pass between the decorated walls of the Roman house and the large terrace. His compositional ability in the applied arts is almost exclusively channeled into translating his father's drawings and studies into works of applied art with inexhaustible dedication: tapestries, rugs, inlays, embroidery are his main activities since the second half of the 1920s, while his pictorial production dates back mainly to the second half of the thirties and the second post-war period. The postcards are striking, exhibited for the first time in the exhibition The helix and the light. Futurist. 1912 - 1944 recently closed at the MAN in Nuoro, which Luce draws in watercolor and sends to her parents during the summer holidays in Terracina, in 1931: tiny abstract landscapes, where lines of force and radiant energies typical of paternal painting become buttons of coloristic atmosphere, in the enchantment of the most suggestive moment of light.