Son of Gabriele, well-known lithographer, typographer and poster designer active in Bergamo, and Pia Greco. Grandson of the sculptors Antonio and Giuseppe. In 1898 he moved to Milan where he studied at the Brera Academy; here he came into contact, among others, with Carlo Carrà, Umberto Boccioni, Antonio Sant'Elia. He was one of the first adherents and participated in the exhibition of the Nuove Trends group. He opened the studio with Antonio Sant'Elia, with whom he shared the stylistic research for a nascent modern architecture, but unlike these he did not join Futurism.
Following the premature death of the latter, after the war he went to the Canton Ticino and in 1922 he settled in Lugano, where he continued his freelance activity, obtaining the relevance of Iseo and abandoning all ties stylistic with Futurism.
Together with Sant'Elia it is considered to be the progenitors of futurist architecture.