Nello Voltolina, also known as Novo (Donada, 11 September 1908 - Padua, 11 March 1944), was an Italian futurist artist.
Slightly over twenty, while studying as an expert and commercial accountant, he describes his approach to art: «In 1930 he failed his exams and blossomed with a futurist genius. January 1931, Dormàl makes me exhibit for the first time introducing me Marinetti. First success! " (Futurist dynamo, no.2, 1933). The exhibition in question is Seven Paduan Futurists, which marks the debut of the Padua group which also includes Tullio Crali, Ottorino Dalla Baratta, Quirino De Giorgio, Carlo Maria Dormal, Giorgio Perissinotto and Lino Sgaravatti. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with a typographically modern cover compared to the times. The Venetian painter obtained a first national recognition in 1931, with the invitation to the futurist exhibition of air painting and scenography of the Pesaro Gallery in Milan. In 1932 he was selected by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti for the futurist section of the Third Triveneta art exhibition, with a catalog presentation by Marinetti himself. Another important recognition comes in 1934, when he is admitted to the XIX Venice Biennale, an event which he will also participate in the subsequent three editions of 1936, 1938 and 1940 (in these last two editions inside the Futurist airbrush room). His presence was also recorded at the second and third Quadrennial of national art in Rome (respectively in 1935 and 1939) and at the XXV exhibition of the Bevilacqua La Masa Gallery (1935). After graduation, he was hired by the aviation company Savoia Marchetti and in 1942 he followed the filming of the film Air people, produced by Cinecittà. Overall, with his pictorial activity, Voltolina collaborates to revitalize the late phase of the futurist adventure in Italy between the thirties and forties and his contribution can be compared in importance to that of other protagonists such as Tato, Peruzzi, Oriani and Alfredo Gauro Ambrosi, in addition to the better known Tullio Crali. Nel Voltolina died tragically, just thirty-five years old, on 11 March 1944 inside the church of the Eremitani in Padua where he had sought refuge during an air raid.